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"There is a place where souls go after death.
They all arrive with pending issues, unsolved business or regrets from their life.
And that is why they all try to go back.

However, at some point, they stop trying.
(Or someone makes them stop...)"


RESTLESS SOUL is a single-player comedy-adventure game with 2D sprites in a 3D world.

You are a soul who just arrived in The Afterlife and needs to go back to Life. As you play, you find out you are not the only one looking for a way to return from Death...


  • Enjoy a soulful story full of pretentious and sometimes comedic quotes about life and death.
  • Explore the mysterious afterlife and unlock hidden secrets as you find your way back to the land of the living.
  • Meet a large cast of “colorful” 2D souls in a 3D world.
  • Master bullet-hell combat with ARPG elements. Use your skills to dodge and shoot at the right time.
  • Battle dozens of henchmen and leaders of an evil army with deadly motives.
  • Solve clever puzzles that might have you scratching your head, but will leave you feeling super smart.
  • Use your phone to keep track of your game’s progress, or take a bomb selfie.
  • Listen to an original soundtrack of boppin’ tunes to rock out to in each new area.
  • Rescue hidden souls, trapped in secret rooms.
  • Special cameo appearance by the one-and-only Grim Reaper.
  • Pet a talking dog!


[Q] : HEAL

Gamepad supported (and recommended)!


RESTLESS SOUL is currently being developed by one person. To learn more about development or leave your feedback, you can find the game account on Twitter or join our Discord!



RESTLESS SOUL - 64-bit Windows x64 36 MB
RESTLESS SOUL - 32-bit Windows x86 33 MB

Development log


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Hola Fuz, he visto también que incluso vas a lanzar Restless Soul (Afterlife) a Nintendo Switch. Supongo que quizá no tendría problemas de guardado entre versiones como en el PC.

Todo el sistema de guardado fue modificado para poder soportar Steam Cloud saves, así que debería estar bien :)

¿De verdad todos los juegos de Unity para Switch usarán también los servicios de guardado de Steam?

Quise decir que tuve que reescribir el código para soportar Steam Cloud en PC, ahora el progreso del juego se guarda en un archivo externo. Esa misma lógica estoy usando para la Switch pero sacando la parte de integración con Steam.

cute & fun, but having dash and aim on the same side of the gamepad is so frustrating. if i could move dash to the left trigger it would feel much more natural. 

Thank you for your feedback, I've already made that change for the full version of the game, you'll be able to dash with the left trigger :)


This is a really neat game. We would love to help publish this is on the Nintendo Switch if you are interested ,see our dedication to indie developers here https://spacefarergames.com/%E2%9D%A4indie-direct

Thank you for the interest but it is already coming to Switch!


Excellent! We will be buying a copy when it hits :)

Thank you!


I really liked the Idea of this Comedy game, with a lot of references from other games. Music and Graphics were nice. I recommend playing this. I also made a video if someone wants to watch it 

Thank you!


The game was really funny and i really like the art style of the game.

Yet, the keys i need to use always change and it makes it hard to move around at all or if i'm in a battle. It's just a thought, but maybe add a left-hand /right-hand switch? Like i would be moving around better and in battle too, if i can have my moving controls be w,a,s,d and use the arrow keys to shoot.

Also i don't know how it is over at your place, but my z and x are so far away from each other, i would prefer using r or space button instead. Yet again, it's just my opinion :)

Other than that, i really liked the game and i really want to see more of it!

Thanks for playing and for your suggestions, in the final game I'll be sure to add options to re map the controls to whatever the user prefers. 👍


Thank you! I really can't wait for the full game to come out :)

¿Cambiaste el nombre "Afterlife" por "Restless Soul" porque el primero ya lo usaba en más de un título?


Quizás lo reutilizarías como un eslogan para el título como:
Restless Soul - The Afterlife

Sí, hay demasiados juegos con ese nombre, lo que dificulta encontrarlo en Steam.

Buena sugerencia 🙂


O en el propio itch.io o en cualquier otra tienda.


I enjoyed this demo so much. Game design is adorable, the ghost dog is the best and the funny jokes are great. Cannot wait for the full game :D

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that you liked it. 👏


It’s unforgettable with it’s witty humor and unexpected events. Definitely recommend the game. Really looking forward to the full release. Great job!


Thank you for playing! I'm glad that you liked it, I enjoyed watching your stream 👏😊


I LOVE the game design !


Thank you! 🤗

you liked a reply of mine on twitter so I decided to check this out and i've only played a little but it's a lot of fun, very excited for the full version :)


Awesome! Thanks for playing 🤗


I can say that this is one of my favorite games and i cant wait for full version


Thank you for your comment! 🤗


This game is amazing !


Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! 🤗



Thanks for playing! 🤗

This game is hilarious.  The combat although felt weird at first got more used to as time goes on. The interactions with npcs were real funny and I like the combination of 2d and 3d. Can't wait for a full release :D

Thank you! 👍👏

Made a video



(3 edits)

A parte de que el personaje salío fuera del escenario al cargar la partida, en la anterior demo que descagué en 2019 se me borraron todos los progresos del mismo, y también hizo que no funcionase un elemento de ellos:

El Dr. Krull no aparece en el inicio del juego. ¿A donde está? no puedo avanzar.
¡Krull se hizo Turbo! ¿O acaso recuerdas como funcionaba en aquella demo de 2019?

Es probable que al borrar el progreso en la nueva versión se elimine el de la versión 2019 porque se almacenan en el mismo lugar. Yo creo que tienes un conflicto entre las dos versiones. Podrías probar de iniciar una nueva partida en la versión actual pero utilizando un slot distinto al actual.

Ah vale gracias, ya entiendo cual es el problema. ¿Pero podrías decirme en que carpeta se almacena automáticamente?

Voy a probar mientras su versión revisada por si ya ha arreglado el problema de la carga que lleva el personaje muy lejos.

Los valores de los juegos en Unity se almacenan en el registro de windows


Cuando el personaje aparece lejos, dónde lo habías dejado originalmente? 

Vale gracias. Pues el fallo aparecía cuando guardaba la partida en el pueblo Alfa (Alpha Town).

Borré la partida del nuevo, y Krull ya volvió a su puesto al iniciar nuevamente en la partida. Muchas gracias.

Pero... En su versión más reciente, sigue sin resolver el problema del personaje fuera del escenario al cargar la partida. 

Creo que estaría bién que pusieras una posición default para este tipo de casos.

But I see problem after saving the game: The game is loaded over the stage:

One question... Does it not work on windows 7? Or is it because mine is 32bit windows?

It was made and tested on a computer with Windows 7 - 64 bit, so it should work. I'm working on an update for the demo and I'll make sure to compile it for both versions.👍

Alright, thx

(1 edit)

In my case, the newest demo was crashing my PC with a blackscreen.

(1 edit)

sorry to hear that, I uploaded a different version for 32-bit Windows x86

Changing with a x86 & 32-bit versions doesn't solve the problem. It still have the same blackscreen problem.

I tested it on different computers with no problems. Could it be that your anti-virus is blocking the app?

Hi bro, I'm going to test your game. :)

Cool! I'm working on an update for the demo

Really love the look of this. Will download the demo tomorrow and have a play!


Thanks! I'll update it soon : )

had a lot of fun! been following the development because i got drawn in by the cool minimal art style. The combat is fun, the Undertale approach of "shoot em' up" combat in an RPG setting.

Also, the writing is good, i like all the "Rpg deconstruction" and 4th wall breaking going on. Like with Grim Fandango, i think this concept of afterlife being a normal chill place full of bureaucracy.

There are 2 things i think could really add to this game:

  • Non-linearity: maybe the game objectives can be approached without a set order, or maybe there could be some secondary quests that are not part of the main story.
  • A progression system: not necessarily XP, but a reward for engaging in combat. A motivation to engage with enemies that are not blocking any critical story paths.

Looking forward to learn more about what happens when we die!


Thanks for playing! You're right about the Grim Fandango vibes, I really love that game :)

I have in mind some secondary quests that I'd like to add so you can explore the world at your own pace.

About the progression system, I don't want to add anything too complex but it's true that you need a motivation to fight with enemies, I'm trying to keep the amount of fights to the minimum so it doesn't become too repetitive. I try to make each battle feel unique.

Thank you for your suggestions!

hey, any idea when you might release an updated demo or even the full game? timeframe? I'm curious to play the demo but also would wait if you were planning on dropping something new soon!

I am working on an updated demo, It should be ready on a couple of weeks. I think it's better if you wait, I feel the new version is way better :)


ok awesome yea I'd rather wait too. Looking forward to checking this out 👻


I had no idea that there was a DEMO! I am so very excited to try this out! Best of luck with your project. I've enjoyed watching the developments!


Hi! Nice to know you've been following the development of AFTERLIFE :) 

I should point out that I added lots of stuff to the game since the release of this demo. Even though I feel it is a bit outdated, it can give a general idea of what the game is going to be. Hope you like it and good luck with your projects too!


Best demo ever!  It's so polished, and the humor is even better than Paper Mario.  I love the art style--I made something in this 3D gameboy game style once and I'm so excited that there's going to be a fully fledged game coming out that looks like this.

I hope the whole game isn't going to be so stingy with potions, though, because I'm really bad at skill-based action.

Thanks you for your comment! We all wanted a game with a 3D gameboy style! That's why I'm making it :)

About the potions, I think I'll add some places where you can heal for free.

Thanks for playing!


Time flew by while being immersed in AFTERLIFE. This game has the potential to become a huge hit! Worth checking it out! 

Thanks for your comment! I'm working on the full release!


You have my support! Keep it up :)

What was this made with?


Game was made in Unity. I used Blender for 3d stuff and Aseprite for sprites.

Awesome work man, love the sense of humour, look forward to seeing more!


"You can't use the portal! WE need the portal!"


Thank you for playing!


hey!! is it too much to ask for a MAC build as well? I really want to check this game :O!!

I made a MAC build but I can't test it  (since I don't have a MAC).

Can you try it and let me know if you could play?

yeah sure!! I'll let u know as soon as i test it! thank u very much :)

no problem :)

man I love it!! just consider adding an option to change the volume of the sfx/music separately. Even though they were fine from my speakers while I put my headphones on my ears hurt from the sfx :P

But the game is overall really great.

P.S. I love your humor !! Cheers!

I'm glad you could play it! I will add those options for sounds.

Thanks for playing!


this is an extreamly good game it reminded me alot of undertale in the early stage's work a bit on it tune down the amount of attacks the player can make and make some damage tuneing's and add some items and BOOM you would have a new game on par with undertale 

Thanks for your feedback! Of course, Undertale is one of my influences for making this game.

I released this demo to see if I was on the right path. So far, I'm happy with the feedback I received, so I'm working on turning this into a full game. 

Death? Check. The Grim Reaper? Check. Random battles with random henchmen? Check. Attempting to figure out how to get back through a mysterious portal and back to the land of the living whilst simultaneously trying to stop a bad guy from doing the very same thing himself? Erm... check!

This game offers something so refreshing and unique, it's an RPG that doesn't take itself too seriously and yet has some wonderful world-building hidden behind the jokes and self-referential humour.

With some dedication and love, this can be a great addition to the world of subversive, genre-spinning RPGs, and I for one am definitely coming along for the ride! Keep up the awesome work =)

A way of looking at life after death different from what was already established 2000 years ago.